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Beautiful Videos from Japan

20141014 Odaiba

Odaiba – お台場

Also know as the official beach of Tokyo, Odaiba’s construction was initially started to protect Tokyo with a series of six fortresses islands build in the 1850s. Today only the No. 3 Battery Fortress or Dai-San Daiba (第三台場) is open to the public since 1928. Usually empty this reconverted battery is an amazingly peaceful park with a stunning view on both Odaiba beach as well as the Rainbow Bridge!

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20141010 Odaiba Hyperlapse

Rinkai line Hyperlapse – りんかい線

One of another Tokyo “gem”. While the Rinkai line is just your average commuter it offer however a fantastic view of some of Tokyo’s most beautiful landscape including the Tokyo Bay, The Rainbow Bridge, The Tokyo Tower, Fuji TV while letting you commuting to your final destination Odaiba.

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